IQOS COVID-19 update: Commercial information, device cleaning and more...

The COVID-19 outbreak confronts us all with a new reality. It's more important than ever to look after each other and our society. To safeguard our customers and store employees and in order to help preventing the further spread of the coronavirus, we are suspending the operation of our IQOS stores until further notice.

Our online store remains open 24/7 and we'll make sure all of our products are available, including all HEETS selections. It's unnecessary and undesirable to hoard. Our products also remain available at the usual tobacco outlets.

If you need customer support, you can always contact us. Our agents are committed to finding the most suitable solution to help you.

Keep your IQOS clean

Just like your mobile phone or the remote control of your TV, you hold your IQOS device in your hands several times a day. Therefore, it's important to clean your devices more often now, In the same way that we do for washing our hands.
Here's what we recommend:
1. Wipe the outside of the charger and the holder with a disinfectant wipe.
2. Clean the blade and the inside area of the holder with the dedicated cleaning sticks
3. Dispose of the used wipes and sticks in a bin.

Take care of yourself, family and friends and don't share your IQOS with others for the time being.

Take care, we care 

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