What is IQOS?
IQOS is a new way of experiencing real tobacco. IQOS uses an innovative heating system that heats the tobacco to controlled temperatures below 350°C. This releases a nicotine containing vapor without actually burning the tobacco.
The result is less smell, no fire and no ash.

IQOS and HEETS tobacco sticks are not for minors. Please refer to Important Information section for details.
Will IQOS help me quit smoking?
No. IQOS is not a smoking cessation device or intended as a device to quit smoking. If you are concerned about the health effects of smoking, your best option is to quit tobacco use altogether.
Does IQOS produce smoke?
No, IQOS does not produce smoke because it does not burn tobacco. It generates a tobacco vapour that is what you see when using IQOS.
What is the difference between heating and burning tobacco?
While burning a cigarette, tobacco reaches a temperature of over 800°C at the tip of the cigarette, IQOS heats the tobacco to temperatures below 350°C without burning it.
Can I use a cigarette with IQOS?
Cigarettes cannot be used with IQOS as the device was not designed to be used with cigarettes.
Is IQOS an e-cigarette / vaping device?
IQOS does not vaporize liquid containing nicotine. Instead, IQOS contains real tobacco.
Through a new technology that heats the tobacco instead of burning it, IQOS generates an aerosol.
If I have any further questions, who should I contact?
For any assistance, please, contact our Customer Care:

By phone: 0800 9900000 - Everyday from 10AM to 7PM.

By email: contact.nl@iqos.com

Twitter Support: @iqos_support_nl
This product is not risk free and is addictive. For adult use only.
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