Our stores are open for Call & Collect 7 days a week via call or SMS at tel.no 06 82 11 85 54 from 9:00-13:30. The stores are open for pickup between 13:00-18:00

How it works:
  • Call or SMS your order at tel.no 06 82 11 85 54 from 9:00-13:30, with information of which store you would like to collect your order
  • You will receive an order confirmation with pick up address and timeslot via SMS. The timeslot will be 4 hours after the order*
  • Confirm the timeslot or let us know if you would like to change it*
  • Pick up the order during the designated timeslot and pay by card at the door
*as per regulation there has to be 4 hours between the order and the pickup
HEETS can be ordered online 24/7 at iqos.nl or via Call & Collect at the brand stores. HEETS are also available at supermarkets and petrol stations, including Albert Heijn, BP, Esso, Jumbo, Plus, Shell and Total, and at various online stores.
Your safety is important to us, so we’ve taken additional measures to make sure everyone stays protected. Currently only 1 customer is allowed inside the store at a time. When visiting us, we kindly ask you to follow the social distancing rule and maintain 1,5-meter distance. Payments can only be made with pin- or credit cards.
Device cleaning services are temporarily not available in stores.
To ensure the safety of our community, we’ve implemented additional hygiene procedures for stores and staff. We regularly clean surfaces, payment terminals, counters and other frequently touched areas, and our staff is required to wear masks and gloves while at work.
At the store entrance will be disposable masks, sanitary gel and disposable gloves available.
At the counter we will work behind Plexiglas shields
Considering social distancing rules, our free delivery is now contactless. Our courier will deliver your package by placing it in front of the door and maintaining the respected distance. You will be asked for the last 3 digits of a valid identification (Passport or driver's license), this will be used as proof of delivery to avoid the usual signature.
In case you need support with your IQOS please contact our IQOS Care Team and we will find, together with our agents, the most suitable and possible solution to replace your device.
We care deeply about the safety of our consumers. Based on the current situation we have decided to stop all trials of IQOS devices. For our consumers renting a device we can assure you that we only provide new devices for this service.
  1. Wipe the outside of the Charger and the Holder with a disinfectant wipe.
  2. Clean the blade and the inside area of the holder with the dedicated cleaning sticks.
  3. Dispose of the used wipes and sticks in a bin.
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