Can I use IQOS when it is raining or in extreme temperatures?
The IQOS is an electronic device that should be treated with the same care as a smartphone, for example.
Protect your IQOS from water, direct sunlight, and heat. Do not leave your IQOS in hot places, such as the interior of a car, for long periods of time since this could damage or significantly impair the battery or electronics.
Make sure that the holder is completely dry before you connect it to the pocket charger again. At low temperatures, you can prevent potential malfunction by briefly warming it in your hands.
Is IQOS safe as an electronic device?
IQOS Holder and Pocket Charger are safe, as electronic devices, when used in accordance with the instructions in the Quick Start Guide.
For more details refer to the User Guide.
They both comply with EU consumer electronic safety requirements indicated by the “CE" (European Conformity) symbols on the packaging.
What do I do if I have an issue with my device? 
In case you need support with your IQOS please contact our IQOS Care Team and we will find, together with our agents, the most suitable and possible solution to replace your device.
How should I storage my IQOS?
Keep IQOS away from water, direct sunlight and/or heat.

Do not leave IQOS device for extended period of time in a hot place, such as inside a car, as the battery or electronics may be damaged or significantly deteriorated.
Are the IQOS devices used for rentals and trial new devices? If not, what precautions are being taken to ensure that they are clean to use?
We care deeply about the safety of our consumers. Based on the current situation we have decided to stop all trials of IQOS devices. For our consumers renting a device we can assure you that we only provide new devices for this service.
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