What is an IQOS voucher?
An IQOS voucher is a voucher that allows you to order an IQOS trial month online. If you have purchased the voucher, you will not have to pay anything extra when you redeem it online.
Where can I buy the IQOS voucher?
IQOS vouchers are available in different tobacco outlets.
What is the price of the IQOS voucher?
The price is €9, the same as if you would order an IQOS trial month online.
Can I also redeem the voucher in another place?
The voucher is only redeemable on IQOS.nl for an IQOS trial month.
Can I also rent IQOS 3, Multi or Duo?
No, at this time it is only possible to rent IQOS 2.4Plus. You can decide to buy another IQOS device during the trial month and return your IQOS 2.4Plus without any additional costs.
Are HEETS included in the IQOS trial month package?
No, HEETS are not included in the rental package. You can purchase them at various tobacco outlets.
How can I redeem the voucher online?
1. To redeem the voucher you have to go to iqos.nl and click on TRY.
2. Click on “Order”.
3. Select the color you prefer and add it to the shopping cart.
4. Enter your code in the section “I have a code” & press apply. After press ‘proceed to check-out’.
5. Fill in your shipping address.
6. Accept the terms and conditions and press ‘order’.
How long does the shipping take?
After ordering, you should receive your IQOS device within 3 working days. You will receive shipping information once the device is on the way. If you have not received the email please check your spambox.
What happens after my trial month is over?
When the trial month ends you can either purchase the device you have for €49 or send it back using the provided return label.
How can I pay if I want to purchase the device?
After your rental period expires you will receive an email with a payment link. After completing the payment the device is yours.
Can I go back to the place I bought the voucher and pay 49€ for a device?
No, you can only pay for the device via an online payment link that you will receive via email. You cannot purchase the device any other way.
I have lost the return label, can you send me a new one?
Please contact IQOS Care on 0800 99 000 00 (free).
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