HEETS Mixed Bundles (1)

HEETS are exclusively designed to work with the IQOS Holder.


HEETS Mix Selection (6 packs) 36.00


HEETS Mix Selection (6 packs)

Sold per unit of 6 packs: 1 pack Sienna Label, 1 pack Bronze Label, 1 pack Amber, 1 pack Yellow Label, 1 pack Turquoise Label and 1 pack Blue Label. Each pack contains 20 tobacco sticks.

This product is not risk free and is addictive. For adult use only.
This website has information about smoke-free products, which are for adults who would otherwise continue to smoke or use other nicotine products in the Netherlands. PMI’s smoke-free products are not an alternative to quitting and are not designed as cessation aids.
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