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New IQOS ILUMA, heating tobacco through induction. Click here to learn more.


IQOS ILUMA with TEREA tobacco sticks is a new way of heating tobacco. Every device in the IQOS ILUMA series features the SMARTCORE INDUCTION SYSTEM™. In combination with TEREA tobacco sticks, which are specially designed for IQOS ILUMA, these devices heat tobacco via induction.

Compared with previous generations of IQOS devices that heated the tobacco with a blade, ILUMA is more robust and easier to use:

- No more need to regularly clean your device, as there is no tobacco residue that needs to be removed.

- No more need to be careful when you insert a tobacco stick, as there is no blade that can break.

IQOS ILUMA™ is designed for use with TEREA™ sticks only. Do not use IQOS ILUMA™ and TEREA™ Sticks with previous IQOS™ generations as this may cause damage to your device.
Do not swallow or disassemble the TEREA SMARTCORE STICKS™. This product contains a sharp metal part which can cause serious injury if swallowed. Keep out of reach of children and pets.
1. Insert the TEREA stick up to the line on the filter until the holder vibrates and light(s) pulse(s). Heating starts automatically, or by pressing the button for 1 second

2. You can start using your device once the holder vibrates and the lights stay fixed

3. To signal the last 30 seconds of use or that the last 2 puffs are left, the holder will vibrate with the light(s) pulsing white

4. Dispose of the stick immediately after you’ve used it, simply by removing the stick from the holder and disposing of them according to your local waste disposal regulations

5. Insert the holder in the charger for recharging
The SMARTCORE INDUCTION SYSTEM™ in IQOS ILUMA and TEREA completely reinvents the way tobacco is heated. The aerosol is generated by the induction system, composed of a heating coil that couples with a susceptor placed inside the stick. Energy is transferred from the coil to the susceptor through magnetic induction, causing the susceptor to heat up. The heat is transferred to the substrate from inside, and eventually generates aerosol.  Stick construction of TEREA sticks caps the tobacco inside, meaning no more tobacco residue left behind in the device.
The new heating technology in IQOS ILUMA combined with the specially designed TEREA sticks result in an improved draw and taste consistency from stick to stick. The new design also eliminates the chance of blade breakages and cleaning of the device is now no longer required. This makes IQOS ILUMA even more convenient in use.
The use of a new heating technology makes that IQOS ILUMA devices are non-compatible with HEETS sticks. IQOS ILUMA devices can only be used with TEREA sticks, which are available in the countries in which IQOS ILUMA has been launched. TEREA sticks can only be used with IQOS ILUMA devices and are not compatible with IQOS 3 DUO or older generation devices. The use of a TEREA stick in an IQOS 3 DUO or older generation device can cause damage to the device. The Holder and Charger of IQOS ILUMA devices are not compatible with a Holder or Charger of an IQOS 3 DUO or older generation device.
No problem. Features and settings can be turned on or off via the IQOS app such as autostart, customization features, lock and unlock device. And do remember to register your device by scanning the QR code on your device. You’ll find it by removing the door cover of your IQOS ILUMA, under the wrap of your IQOS ILUMA PRIME, or on the back side of your IQOS ILUMA ONE. Alternatively, visit (market to adjust URL depending on what they have on web) and follow the instructions on the screen. (Markets to adjust depending if they have the IQOS APP)
To reset your device, place the holder in the pocket charger and press the button for 10 seconds, then release. All of the lights will turn OFF, blink twice, and turn on again to confirm a RESET. That’s it, you’re done.
There are couple of ways you can check how many uses you have left. Either on the holder itself or by checking the pocket charger with the holder inside. Here’s how: Checking on the holder: Tilt the holder towards you or short press the button. The lights will come on and indicate the battery level. When 2 lights are on it means the holder is ready for 2 uses and 1 light on means it’s ready for 1 use only. Checking on the pocket charger: Short press the side button on the pocket charger with the holder inside the charger. The pocket charger light will turn on. 2 lights mean the holder is ready for 2 uses and 1 light on means ready for 1 use. You’re all set to enjoy your tobacco experience.
Checking the battery level of the pocket charger is easy. Simply short press the side button on the pocket charger. The pocket charger lights will turn on to indicate the battery level:
• 4 WHITE lights mean the battery is fully charged
• 3 WHITE lights mean up to 75% battery life remaining
• 2 WHITE lights mean up to 50% battery life remaining
• 1 WHITE light means up to 25% battery life remaining
YELLOW blinking lights displaying on the holder: This means the battery is depleted and the holder needs to be recharged. It’s pretty fast. IQOS ILUMA holder recharge times are:
• 1’ 50’’ for 0-1 Use*
• 3’ 25’’ for 1-2 Uses*
• 5’ 15’’ for 0-2 Uses*
*Please refer to the battery degradation section. RED blinking light on the holder: You need to put the holder in the pocket charger and reset the device. WHITE lights blink twice on the holder: This indicates your IQOS ILUMA is outside its operating temperature range of between >0°C/<40°C.
It’s quick and easy to charge your device but remember, it’s safer to use the power adapter and charging cable designed for IQOS ILUMA. It takes around 135 minutes to fully charge the pocket charger and up to 10 minutes to fully charge the holder for the first time after unpacking. The holder recharge times are:
• 1’ 50” for 1 use*
• 3’25” for 1-2 uses*
• 5’ 15” 0-2 uses*
and 10’ 05” for its first charge out of the box*
*Please refer to the battery degradation section.
Yes, but only with the charging cable and power adaptor designed for IQOS 3 generations.
To make your experience easier, IQOS ILUMA is packed full of new advanced features.
Autostart. Once your TEREA stick is correctly inserted, your holder will vibrate to let you know that the SMARTCORE INDUCTION SYSTEM™ has started preheating automatically. You don’t need to set up the IQOS app for autostart to work but you can use the IQOS app to deactivate the autostart. When it’s ready to use, the device will vibrate a second time. You can also start heating manually by pressing the side button.
Checking your holder. This smart gesture allows you to check how much battery is remaining in your holder. Simply tilt the holder towards you when you’re not using it, and the lights on the holder will indicate the battery level.
Checking how much experience is left. Double-tap your holder and the vibrations will indicate how much of your experience is left. For instance:
-3 vibrations = 75-50%
-2 = 50-25%
-1 = <25%.
You can enable and adjust the vibration modes to suit you, using the IQOS app.
If your IQOS ILUMA doesn't start on its own then please:
• Check that you’re only using TEREA sticks
• Make sure they’re being placed in the right direction in the holder
• Open the IQOS app and check if the autostart function has been accidentally deactivated
• Place the holder in the pocket charger and perform a RESET. To do this, press and hold down the pocket charger button for 10 seconds until the lights fade out. The RESET is confirmed when you release the button and all of the lights blink 2 times
• If the holder starts on its own without a TEREA stick inserted then please follow these steps:
• Place the holder in the pocket charger and perform a RESET. To do this, press and hold down the pocket charger button for 10 seconds until the lights fade out. The RESET is confirmed when you release the button and all of the lights blink 2 times
• If RESET doesn’t fix the problem, download the IQOS app and remove the autostart setting from the holder
• Remember, you can start your tobacco experience manually by inserting your TEREA stick into the holder and pressing the button for two seconds to activate your experience. If it still doesn’t work, visit your nearest IQOS store and one of our agents will fix the problem for you or call our Call Center.
Cleaning the leather wrap is easy. Just grab a damp cloth and wipe it gently. Unfortunately, wraps are not covered by the warranty.
There are 5 colours available for IQOS ILUMA; Pebble Beige, Pebble Grey, Denim Blue, Moss Green and Sunset Red.
IQOS ILUMA PRIME is available in 4 stylish colours; Gold, Black, Green and Taupe.
Switching on and charging your device. Charge your IQOS ILUMA fully by using the AC Power Adaptor and Charging Cable that comes with it. Then, to switch your device on, press the button on the side of the Pocket Charger for 4 seconds. To check the battery status of the Pocket charger, take out the holder and press the side button of the Pocket Charger.
The new SMARTCORE INDUCTION SYSTEMTM technology requires a a slightly bigger and more robust device.
Your experience will last up to 6 minutes or 14 puffs, whichever comes first.
Your IQOS ILUMA works best between 0 - 40℃, and TEREA tobacco sticks taste best when you keep them at room temperature. Here are a few storage tips:
• Keep your device away from water, direct sunlight and heat.
• Don’t leave your device in a hot place like inside a car because the lithium-ion battery and electric circuit board could be damaged, or significantly deteriorated.
• To ensure the best taste and to get the most from your device, we also recommend you avoid exposing your IQOS ILUMA and TEREA sticks to low temperatures for a long period of time.
• Store IQOS ILUMA or IQOS ILUMA PRIME and SMARTCORE STICKS™ in a clean, dry, cool place.
• Do not expose IQOS ILUMA or IQOS ILUMA PRIME and SMARTCORE STICKS™ to high humidity conditions or direct sunlight.
• Do not use SMARTCORE STICKS™ that have been exposed to excessive heat or moisture.
Additional information: In cold outdoor conditions, the device may be able to start if it’s kept warm ( your coat pocket). Nevertheless, while using the holder, the cold outdoor temperature may lead to:
a. Lower performance of the aerosol
b. Not enough energy to match the (per tobacco stick) designed usage duration (up to 6’ or 14 puffs whichever comes first).
Changing your IQOS ILUMA door cover is easy. No tools are needed as the door is held in place by firm magnets. First, a pivot opens the door of the pocket charger, then you can remove the door cover by pulling it from the sides. To fit a new door cover, align it with the pivoting door and the magnets will pull it into place.
Fit the ring removal tool that came with the ring on the holder ring and turn it anti-clockwise to unlock it. Next, place the new ring onto the holder and use the tool to turn it clockwise to lock it into place.
Open the wrap fully on your device and pull it out, from the top down. Now you can easily remove it from the pocket charger. To attach your new wrap, slide the linear magnets into the same shaped recesses on the pocket charger.
Holder Charging Dock
The Holder Charging Dock charges the IQOS ILUMA and IQOS ILUMA PRIME Holders. Allows for an easy access to the Holder in a stationary place. It’s easy and quick to use thanks to its magnetic connector. And it charges the Holder as fast as the Pocket Charger.

Charging Dock
The IQOS Charging Dock charges your IQOS Pocket Charger. The IQOS Charging Dock is compatible with IQOS ILUMA, IQOS 3 DUO and IQOS 3.

IQOS ILUMA ONE Charging Dock
The IQOS Charging Dock is only compatible with IQOS ILUMA ONE.

Ring Set
Sets of three different colored rings with a handy removal tool that makes it easy to swap them.

Door Covers
Made from solid aluminum.

The silicone Sleeve is designed to protect the device from scratches and dents and prevent slipping. Is available in several colours.
The fabric Sleeve Plus is designed to protect your device from scratches and dents while allowing you to carry it easily thanks to its lanyard. Available in several colours.

Disposal Tray for used sticks that holds 20 sticks, available in 4 colors with an improved closure and sealing system, and reducing the odor from the used sticks.
This product is not risk free and provides nicotine, which is addictive. Only for use by adults.